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Ok, my name is Rémi Fouin, I was born March 16, 1977 in Suresnes ( parisian suburb ). My pseudo is Chromex ( the same that I had in Hydroxid : my old crew ). I'm french and I live close to Paris. I'm nor tall nor small, nor blond nor redhead : ) : so, 1.75 meter, 65 kilos, I've chestnuts hair and brown eyes. I'm unmarried.

There's the main things !

I started to compose a few years ago : 1991 precisely. In that time, I belonged to a group on Atari : Hydroxid -- > U know ??? : )))) It was some coders, one another musician ( very good besides ) and some other graphers. It was the time of coding-party atari/amiga -- > my god, whom it's so far !! The majority of soundtrackers were developed on four channels : hard to work fine.

But now, the possibilities of musical creation are interesting. Even, for example, with Fasttracker, it gives a precise enough idea of the music style that one could create with real instruments. In fact, the sound quality depends on the quality of sampling of every instruments.

So, I started composing seriously a few months ago ( december 98 ) and I already have available some modules on this page. The differents styles that I affect are : Ballad and techno ( essentially Acid Trance ). Ballad with piano : 'coz I like piano sound and Acid-Trance 'coz I like this music style, simply !

Otherwise, I listen some techno : Astral Projection, Hallucinogen... but also Ennio Morriccone, Sting, Bob Marley ( very good . . . :) For the french music : ...mmmmmmmmh...... nothing except Noir desir, a bit Serge Gainsbourg but I dislike french music overall.

So, U could have seen by urselves that I have done some efforts to speak english completely.

My favourite "zikos" : the fabulous "Awesome" , Purple Motion, Elwood, Stereoman, Heatseeker ( french people : yeaaaaaah :))), Lluvia, Cyberzip and others ... The music of the game " Unreal " are GREAAAAAAT ( they composed by " Michiel van den Bos " and " Alexander Brandon " ).

Ok, I spoke enough, U can and U must download the ziks in Songs part ! Also, I want to say that these mods are on the TIS ( Trax In Space ). So, if U want to see about hundred and hundred musicians : visit it !

Don't hesitate to mail me, for wathever it's.

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As a good musician is used to won awards and prize here you'll find every prizes Chromex's won. It's just kindof good place to show them, to remeber them, and maybe to make more and more people listening to his music and coming on our homepage ... maybe ! And don't forget to visit Trax in space if you want to have another good URL about Chromex.

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Won Groove Injektor May 1999 Compo with MHD.

Won Moaï september 1999 Compo with Wolf424 (Part one).

Chromex's award